Whitestone is by your side in every stage of your project by offering cutting edge services.

Initial Concept Design & Engineering

The heart and soul of every project can be found in its’ initial concept. The initial concept design represents our team initial response to the client’s brief. It is the basis on which the project’s design will develop. The design’s engineering and our collaboration with the investor will guarantee it’s efficiency of operation and production.


In our company, we believe in creating solutions and opportunities through efficient design and technological awareness. This is the reason why we measure the performance of the installation’s design according to the latest technological developments.


    Whitestone provides lead architectural services that are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced designers, committed to creating the most elegant solutions to any design.


    We offer structural engineering expertise for buildings of all types and sizes. Our structural engineers think outside the box to explore alternative approaches that can be implemented to each project.

  • ELM

    Design State-of-the-Art Installations using the latest trends in efficient and productive ways.


    We are introducing special foundation methods by pioneering in the field of foundation engineering, tailored to the needs of each design.


    Whitestone delivers special projects’ design for highly specialized facilities, industrial projects and also for conventional buildings with special needs. Our experience on specialized design sectors empowers us with the necessary knowledge base to provide solutions on special projects.


Our clients need to be focused on their project’s need and aspirations. Hence, we undertake the permitting process in their behalf by preparing all necessary documentation, communicating with the appropriate authorities and supporting our clients in every stage and every relevant procedure.

3.Project Management

Smooth and efficient project management is the milestone of success. Our fully experienced personnel handles supervision, coordination, scheduling and quality control during every project’s construction and guarantees that the design specifications are met, the project’s time schedule is followed and furthermore that the project is completed according to the international quality, H&S, Environmental and HACCP standards.

4.Construction (EPC)

Whitestone’s expertise ensures the construction of the projects within the time frame set by our client and according to the international and local standards.

– Equipment Procurement

We also deliver high quality procurement and installation procedures for superior equipment from trusted and well recognized suppliers of the sector.

5.Operational quality

Going beyond the construction stage, Whitestone ensures every project’s operation by providing:


We perform exhaustive testing of the installation in order to ensure smooth operation throughout its life span and more.


Commissioning of the installation is important to us in order to deliver the project to its owner in excellent operational mode.

Operation and training

Whitestone support its’ clients by efficient provision of operation services and relative training of the owner’s personnel.


We undertake the maintenance of the installation enabling the owner to relax and rest assured that his investment will continue to operate constantly and uninterruptedly.

6.Market Research

Knowledge is power. By performing efficient market research, we explore the potential of the new investment in order to optimize its returns.