In Whitestone S.A., Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment are a top priority as the Company is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees, subcontractors and the people who live and work close to our projects.

Physical Integrity & Safe Environment

In Whitestone S.A., our employees are considered as our extended family and it is our belief that their safety and personal physical integrity in the work environment, are of the highest importance. Our Safety Policy precepts that we prepare a Safety and Health Scheme (SHS) for each of our projects, where we fastidiously and reliably apply the following dispositions:

  • Framework Dispositions of the Greek Safety Legislature (Law. 1568/85, Presidential Decree 17/96, Presidential Decree 294/88)
  • Greek Legislature for Safety in Worksites (Presidential Decree 305/96, Presidential Decree 1073/81, Presidential Decree 778/80)
  • Greek Legislature for Safety of Special Object (Presidential Decree 95/78, 16440/93)
  • Requirements of Equipment Producers and Suppliers

Whitestone S.A. is taking into account the General Rules for the Avoidance of Work Injuries mentioned on Article 7 of the Presidential Decree 17/96. A proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt. More specifically, we consider it our obligation to care for:

  • The elimination of Dangers
  • The Management of Dangers on their Roots
  • The Evaluation of Dangers that cannot be avoided and the Taking of Measures of Preventive Protection
  • The detailed Description of Work Methods and the Required Equipment
  • The Replacement of Dangerous Materials with other, less dangerous, wherever possible. Chemical Additives especially those that are used are accompanied by a Safety Specification Sheet and the personnel is trained on them

We also:

  • Give Priority on the Measures of Group Safety even with the use of special arrangements (i.e. installation of lighting mats on work spaces)
  • Adapt to the Technical and Technological Development
  • Apply Design Techniques and Organizational Selections for the achievement of work programs and minimization of Dangers